Parker Precision Molding, Inc. is a woman-owned and family-operated injection molding company specializing in custom molding and production. Founded in 1994 in Bethel Park, PA, just a few miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh, we started out injection molding parts for short production runs and sampling/prototyping jobs.

By 1997, due to our customer base increasing, we moved out of our 2,500 sq. ft building with 2 machines to Belle Vernon, PA. Just a few short months after the move into our larger, 15,000 sq. ft building, we went from 2 machines to running 6 injection molding machines up to 160 Tons. By 2004, we had expanded to 8 machines and tonnage up to 400. 

Starting in 2017, we have started making capital expenditures by updating our equipment, auxiliary equipment and our facility. By replacing equipment and auxiliary, we become more energy efficient, continue to hold tolerances required, and most of all, keep production on a constant basis as we have less downtime fixing old, worn equipment. Our facility has started to be retrofit with all new LED lighting for energy efficiency. These updates not only help our customers, but they also help make less of an impact on the environment. 

Over the last two decades we have striven to push the envelope by providing cost effective components, on-time, at a quality our customers require, or better.