Parker Precision Molding, Inc. is a woman-owned and family-operated injection molding company specializing in custom molding and production. Founded in 1994 just a few miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA, we started out injection molding parts for short production runs and sampling/prototyping jobs.

By 1997, due to booming manufacturing in the United States, Parker Precision Molding moved out of our 2,000 sq ft building with 2 machines to Belle Vernon, PA. Just a few short months after the move into our larger, 15,000 sq ft building, we went from 2 machines to running 6 injection molding machines up to 160 Tons. By 2004, we had expanded to 8 machines and tonnage up to 400. This is a result of breaking away from the smaller prototyping jobs and starting to run larger production jobs. ​

Over the last  two decades in business, we have created not only a company, but we have created a family. With that being said, we treat our employees and customers as if they are our own families. This creates better relationships and makes working together much easier for coming to the ultimate final goal; high quality parts at a competitive price.