Injection Molding

At Parker Precision Molding, injection molding of thermoplastics is what we do. With tonnages up to 400, we have the ability to run commodity resins, engineering resins, even flexible materials up to 48 ounces.

Our machines utilize CNC controls; this allows us to "fine tune" our production setup to create the best possible part. Built in the controller software are information screens that tells the operator what the machine is doing, along with gives us a detailed history of each shot, thus creating tighter quality control of each part. 

All of our machines are equipped with part and scrap handling robotics, this reduces handling by employees, thus keeping contamination of the part or scrap to a minimum, as well as allows us to keep production moving in our "light out" production.


Quality Control

Our quality control department is stocked with the tools needed to inspect the products we make for our customers. Parts requirements are gone over with the customer upon beginning of the job. 

We discuss what dimensions are critical and non-critical, and what physical defects are allowed, if any. Then we create a quality control checklist containing the dimensional, physical and “spot checking” requirements. Closer tolerance parts get checked more often than parts that have a higher dimensional tolerance.

These checks can be per part, per hour, per shift, etc. Every quality control check is done differently for each part. If any parts are to fail, we conduct checks to figure out if the issue is with the process, material, tooling, or mishandling and correct the issue. This helps keep our shipped parts reject rate to a minimum. We pride ourselves on being able to hold tight tolerances on both injection molded and CNC machined components.



Beginning in 2016, Parker Precision Molding has started offering machining services to our capabilities. Our machining capabilities include CNC milling (41"x22"x20") and turning (11.5" Dia x 20" L). Materials include steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, and plastics.

Post machining operations offered includes but is not limited to; assembly, heat treat, anodize, powder coat, laser marking, and non-destructive testing.